Upgrading IT equipment now can seem complicated…


Yet it doesn’t have to be. If your IT gear has served its time you don’t need to wait.

While slow economy is bad for business – slow IT gear doesn’t help either.

Due to the unique global circumstances we’ve designed a special offer for businesses…

TechTraders offers you a chance to sell your old IT gear and upgrade your current IT stack with fresh gear with best market price.

IT Equipment Offer NZ

3 year payment plan

Spread your payments over a period of 36 months, to free up more of your working capital.

IT Equipment Offer NZ

Software included

Along with the IT hardware you’ll also get your software needs met.

IT Equipment Offer NZ

Sell your existing equipment

Sell your old IT gear with the best market price.

IT Equipment Offer NZ

Warranty & free shipping

You will receive a warranty with your purchase and shipping will be free.

IT Equipment Offer NZ

Get IT equipment from reputable brands

Choose among the top brands like HP, Lenovo and Dell.

Take advantage of our special offer in 3 simple steps


1. Sell your old IT equipment.

We’ll make selling your outdated IT gear effortless by buying it for the best prices on the market. No matter how worn-out your current IT stack is, you won’t have to waste your time on looking for buyers.

2. Choose new IT equipment.

Explore a wide variety of top-notch IT equipment, we’ve got everything for everyone: PCs, Laptops, Docking stations, Monitors, Network Equipment, UPS and all the software you may need. After we’ve assessed your order, we’ll deliver a custom quote.

3. Receive fresh IT equipment.

After you’ve placed your order, we’ll deliver the equipment on-site and if necessary – we’ll also set-up hardware and software. You’ll be able to pay over a 36-month period.

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Automated Trade-in Calculator by Techtraders


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About TechTraders


TechTraders is a division of Divers Group Ltd which specializes in the full lifecycle ICT solutions starting from refresh, deployment, relocation,tracking and monitoring up to disposing, recycling and re-marketing of any number of IT or Audio-Visual equipment.

With more than 25 years history, working in the ICT logistics industry, we have developed and maintained long term relationships with our clients in a range of Government Departments, Councils, Universities, and Commercial Enterprises in New Zealand and on smaller scale in Australia.

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