Brand New HP J8F15AA C2500 Desktop – USB 2.0 Cable 104 Key – Black – USB 2.0 Cable Optical – 3 Button – Scroll Wheel


Made with the strict quality standards of HP, the C2500 is a perfect all-in-one package for any office. With adjustable feet you can tilt the keyboard up for a more comfortable and ergonomic typing experience. The keyboard itself is spill resistant and durable, so those accidental coffee spills won’t be enough to take this beast down. Three vibrant indicator lights eliminate the guess work of whether you just accidentally hit Caps Lock or whether the number pad is switched on. The mouse is just as useful and functional too! With carefully placed rubber pads for extra grip, a high resolution optical sensor and smooth, contoured body, this mouse is perfect for long days of office work. The high quality standards from HP make this combo an excellent choice for an office setup.

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The HP Desktop C2500 combo

Combines the elements you need into one package. Increase your productivity with the industrious keyboard and 3-button mouse. Rely on improved and updated features with spill-resistant construction & adjustable legs.

Get-more-done productivity: Achieve more with the HP Desktop C2500. 3 indicator lights eliminate the guess work. Built-in number pad simplifies calculations & data entry. Full size keyboard positions keys where your fingers expect them to be.

Improved & updated features: Spill-resistant construction protects from accidents. Adjustable legs encourage more comfortable wrist posture. Quiet key strokes take the clattering out of typing. Plus, plug-and-play USB instantly connects.

Quality mouse included: 3 buttons promote productivity. Contoured shape keeps your hand comfortable. High resolution optical sensor (1200 dpi) works on most surfaces. Scroll wheel gets you there fast. Plus, rubber side grips feel great to the touch.

Premium HP standards: 70 years experience. Strict quality control. 1 of the world’s leading notebook manufacturers. HP delivers cutting-edge products built with some of the industry’s toughest standards to enhance the way you connect & communicate.


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