Brand new RC car, Remote Control Car and transformers, BubbleBee


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Item Name: RC Transformers Bubble Bee.

Product Size:
Car size: 30x13x8.5cm
Robot size: 23.5×19.5x27cm
Box Size: 35x17x16cm
Color: Yellow

1 Transform to car and transform to robot by remote control with sound and light.
2 When transforming to car, it can Forward and backward, turn left and turn right.
3 When transforming to Transformers, it can Forward and backward, turn left and turn right.
4 Light
5 Music
5 Rechargable battery

Battery Detail:
Robot:1×3.7v 350 mA rechargeable LI-PO battery ( Included)
Play time: About 50mins
Charging time: About 90mins
Controller:2xAA battery(Not included)

Packing Detail:
1PCS bubble bee
1PCS Controller
1PCS LI-PO Battery
1PCS USB Charge Cable
1PCS Manual

Operating instruction

Turn the power, the car will send out realistic engine sound and horn sound. This time you can use the control lever on the to control your car forward, backward, turn-left, turn-right.

Under the state of Stop, pressing 3 changing key tightly, with the dynamic music and tone of “I am powerful and I am the peace envoy of the earth ,let us go for battle for the earth peace ”, the car will turn slowly into the almighty Changing Robot .

When the Robot is successfully changing, you can use the Control Lever 1 and 2 on the to control the Robot to go forward / backward , turn left /turn right.

If you need to change the Robot into the state of car, just simply press tightly the 4 changing key, the Robot will slowly be turned back into the Car.

Additional information

Device condition

Brand new


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