Use our automated calculator to find out how much is your laptop resell value. Trading in your old IT equipment helps you save money, and at the same time, by not letting your old IT devices end in a landfill, you will help prevent environmental pollution. Try our free laptop resell value calculator here…

Have you ever thought about how much carbon dioxide is emitted in manufacturing a laptop, assembling the parts of that laptop, in its transportation and use, and final disposition? Every new notebook emits at least 214 Kgs of carbon dioxide during its manufacturing process. A Refurbished laptop does not require any new parts and saves almost 214 Kgs of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere. Shop refurbished IT devices here…

To make a real difference in the fight against climate change, we need to take action on our carbon emissions at every level. Even a few dollars can have a big impact. Use donation option available when checking out to contribute towards the reserve of native forests in NZ, among other environmental initiatives provided by our partners, the Carbon Click.

If you have any old electronic device that doesn’t work or doesn’t have any resell value, you can recycle it and save the environment rather than dumping it into the landfill.

Refer tech traders to friends, family, and colleagues to help us make our environment cleaner and to earn money in the process.

Our e-heroes program aims to reduce e-waste and its harmful impact on our environment by refurbishing, reusing, and recycling IT equipment instead of e-wasting them. The programme will provide students with the opportunity and the support they need to develop simple, fresh, convenient, and hopefully profitable solutions for e-waste.
If you are passionate about saving the environment, you can join our program and make a difference. Click here to know more about the e-heroes programme.