Selling your old IT equipment is more profitable than you think.

Trade or Sell Used IT Equipment

One of the main benefits of buying used IT equipment is that you’re saving money, and it’s also at the heart of the benefits of selling used I.T equipment, too.

Companies like yours often turn to reliable used equipment because it generates savings while allowing them to expand their network where it’s needed. Many systems don’t need the most advanced devices if the equipment isn’t obsolete. And I.T devices are changing and expanding every day, so there is a constant influx of new and different equipment.

You can make the most of past investments by partnering with used I.T equipment buyers like “DgitalTech”. We offer the ability to trade in your equipment instead of outright selling it. Sometimes this can yield the right equipment for growing your network and generate a higher return based on your needs.

Environmental Benefits of Selling Used IT Equipment

IT devices, especially laptops, desktops are full of valuable copper, silver, gold, palladium. They’re also full of silicon and a variety of heavy metals and chemicals that will leach into groundwater and soil, polluting and poisoning the environment.

You can help prevent some of this harm by working with used I.T equipment buyers to limit hazardous materials from entering landfills and dumps. Even if you’re not able to turn it into a positive outward-facing event, it’s the right thing to do for the longevity of the place you live and the people you serve. Give e-waste management services a go today.

Profitability as a Company

When companies like Divers Group or TechTraders buy your used electronics, we can refurbish them and bring them back up to OEM standards — or strip damaged items to create usable spare parts. This allows us to deliver quality parts and equipment to other network operators without having to machine or produce new equipment.

Recycling and reusing goods and e-waste is a way we’re able to protect the quality of our air and water. Plus, we get the further benefit of helping other networks keep their legacy and equipment running. They aren’t forced to scrap materials, furthering the use of existing gear and keeping it out of landfills and dumps.


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