Why refurbished laptops should be used more in schools, universities, even for home schooling?

The summer break has ended, you’re now heading back to School, University or home schooled, one thing for sure you’re likely to require a new computer.

If you’re looking to save some money’, and help save our planet, a refurbished laptop is your best bet.

There are a ton of other advantages to buying a refurbished PC as well, especially if you’re a student.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy refurbished laptops

Save money refurbished laptops are sold below their retail value, most cases, you can afford a laptop model, which would have been otherwise outside of your budget.

Ideal for Secondary and University students

We all know that schools, University can be expensive, and being on a tight budget, we would like to save money where we can. You may think that buying high-end computers is necessary to keep up with studies, but that’s not true, Refurbished laptops are especially great for Students.


Great for Pre-schoolers

IT devices are used at a very young age even as far as 3 years old……. Ok let’s be honest, most kids drop things, or spill their juice or milk onto their devices, no matter, accidents do happen.

However, having a refurbished laptop negates some of the stress of having an accident-prone kid on the computer all day. If they spill or drop the device, it won’t be as devastating, as having it spilt on your new computer.

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